Understanding Vaser : its Causes & Effects

When you are considering Liposuction, There are a number of questions that the FAQ page doesn’t always sort out for you. The feeling of anticipation, when you look at the mirror and plan what can be done to get back that perfect figure; it is a long journey from planning to decision. Continue reading “Understanding Vaser : its Causes & Effects”

Gaining weight and fat after Liposuction

Liposuction is a well known and commonly sought procedure, where an individual can permanently remove area specific body fat. The idea has acquired a good name where people can really turn up with its benefits. But this surgery is not yet a 100% predictable surgery and it can turn you down with conditions like — numbness, uneven fat removal, bumpy skin and of course gaining back some fat and with it, a few more pounds of body weight. Continue reading “Gaining weight and fat after Liposuction”

Choosing best Liposuction Surgery for you

It all traces to the basic important things that is to choose the right surgeon, which you can do by going through one of the several online forums, the chosen surgeon’s past patient’s before after photos, and the chosen clinic’s website and compare their certifications and reputation. You are most likely to be confident of your chosen surgeon once after 2-3 days of research, just keep with the top rated answers and replies. Continue reading “Choosing best Liposuction Surgery for you”

Vasersmooth Lipo for Cellulite Treatment

Vaser liposuction is a well known cosmetic surgery wherein one can very effectively tone down the extra bulges of localised fat from the most problem areas of one’s body. However, when it comes to cellulite which is another form of subcutaneous fat which grows more superficially mainly in the lower abdomen, buttocks and back of the thighs region, the Vaser lipo or even Vaser hi def lipo procedures require something more, since they are designed for more deep residing layers of hard and fibrous fat, while the cellulite is a gel like substance residing on the upper layers of skin. Continue reading “Vasersmooth Lipo for Cellulite Treatment”

Chest fat Removal & Body Sculpting

It is renowned that the branch of cosmetic surgery applies more to women than men. But nowadays with the newer advancements into the field, male patients are becoming a wider rate of visitors at the cosmetic clinics.

It is however still a less visited section where we receive male patients who want to opt for lip augmentation or a facelift. Continue reading “Chest fat Removal & Body Sculpting”

The Two-Face of Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic surgery or most definitively cosmetic surgery has a brighter as well as darker side. Every surgical procedure has some potential risks, but as the limitations and safety measures of cosmetic surgery grows, so does the ratings of patients seeking it. This information provides the answers about the right time to consider surgery and the positive candidacy of various cosmetic surgeries. Continue reading “The Two-Face of Cosmetic Surgery”

Overweight, Weight loss and Liposuction

Let’s first talk about fat people. You are over £20 more than what your normal weight should be, it is less, it is more, but you are fat alright. You have heard about Vaser Liposuction but why is it not an option for weight loss?

Vaser Liposuction is not an option for weight loss but it is to contour your body shape into a more proportionate improvement. Continue reading “Overweight, Weight loss and Liposuction”

How Vaser Liposuction is a cost-effective

When talking of a cosmetic surgery the cost includes not just the money you need to spend on it, but the cost also includes:

1. How much invasiveness your body is prone to
2. How long and extensive the post-surgical care would stretch
3. How much change can you see
4. How much trauma would go through the surgery Continue reading “How Vaser Liposuction is a cost-effective”

Fat removal with vaser liposuction

We have a full time desk job with satisfaction. We love junk food. We love to sleep on weekends. We are happy and healthy otherwise, but the little bulges make us sad, and sadder as they tend to grow making us officially fat. We hear a lot about Liposuction, so what’s with it? Continue reading “Fat removal with vaser liposuction”