Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a process that surgically increases your breast size. It includes the placement of breast implants just beneath the chest muscle or the breast tissues.

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Fat Transfer To Breast

For any sort of malformation of breast implants caused by previously performed breast surgeries, there are number of corrective surgeries that are performed in Perfect Breast Clinic in London, including correction of breast symmetry, correction of capsular contracture and corrective surgery post breast reduction.

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Silicone Implants

The size and formation of the breasts represents a major aspect of feminity. Breast augmentation with the use of silicone breast implants represents one of the most basic cosmetic surgical procedures that can help improve the shape, size, and curvature of the breasts.

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Breast Reconstruction

Women suffering from Breast Cancer, a thunderous term, are affected not only emotionally, but also is at a risk of leading a troublesome life already.

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Breast Reduction

In London and all over the UK, the popularity of breast augmentation is sought mainly for breast enlargement. Problems occur when women have overly developed larger breasts due to various life events like pregnancy, sudden yet massive weight gain or even breastfeeding.

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Breast Uplift

For breast enhancement, breast uplift serves a number of purposes with or without the use of breast implants, which is medically called Mastopexy. This is ideal for those patients who have drooping and sagging than asymmetric or natural breasts.

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Harley Cosmetic Group - Breast Augmentation Specialist

Are you not satisfied with your perfect bust shape? Is it too big or less in size that hampers your body appearance? Do you feel that you bust size is low than usual or is not proper in size with response to your body? Don’t worry. Breast augmentation is the best suited solution for your problem when it is low in size.
What is Breast augmentation?
Breast augmentation is a process that surgically increases your breast size. It includes the placement of breast implants just beneath the chest muscle or the breast tissues.
Why does breast augmentation done?
There are multiples reasons why breast surgery is done. The main reason is to build your confidence. This can be considered as the prime concern as breast size and its perfect shape helps you to fit in all dresses which are a very important think or a woman. Fitting your bust in a perfect bra shape that does not give over bulky or emerging appearance and gives a shape correction is the other important aspect. If you think that your breast size is very less according to your body volume and gives you a flattered look then breast augmentation is the best solution.
How the breast augmentation is done?
The breast augmentation surgery is done either through using implants or through fat transfer.
Breast augmentation using implants
The breast augmentation surgery is done to shape up your breast and to increase its size according to your body mass and structural orientation. So based upon the structure of your body, implants’ size are chosen that are placed under the breast tissues or the chest muscle. An implant is basically a balloon like structure filled with sterile saline water or silicone gel like material. Since it is a big and critical surgery thus the patient is put to complete sleep during performing the procedure. So following are the steps that are usually followed by the surgeon while placing the implants depending upon the nature and size of implants to be placed. Let’s have a look
  • Incision underside the breast or Inframammary incision:
In most of the cases the common process is to make an incision through which the implants are placed underside the skin layers of the breast tissues. In such incisions the scars becomes prominent and remains for long if you are thin, and have not been pregnant or fed a baby.
  • Incision under the arm area or Transaxillary incision
This surgical intervention requires the use of endoscope that has a camera and a surgical tool at its end. The endoscope is inserted through the incision done through the arm area. It does not usually leave you scars around the breast area other than the arm area.
  • Incision around the edge of areola or Periareolar incision
As we all know that the darkened part around the nipple is called areola and incisions are made at this site. Implants are placed through the openings done at the areola site. But you may loss sensation in your nipples and this areolar site at it affects the surrounding nerves during cut. You may also feel pain afterwards while breast feeding your baby.
  • Incision through belly button
In this process a cut is made through the belly button and the implants are placed at the particular breast area. Once the implants are placed at the area it is then filled up with saline water.
Breast augmentation using fat transfer technique
Fat transfer technique to your breast area is the best process to get a natural augmented look. It mainly uses the body fats taken from the other body parts of your and then injects it to the targeted breast area.
What is the ideal candidacy for breast augmentation process?
For a woman breast is the most important body part that builds the confidence. This gives the confidence through enhancing the beauty by keeping the balance with the other body mass. If you have low confidence due to your less sized breast or small boobs or if you feel that your small boobs are affecting your personality in your physical appearance or affecting your beauty then breast augmentation is for you.
Why to choose perfect breast clinic for your breast augmentation surgery?
Welcome to the Perfect Breast Clinic; this state-of-the-art clinic in London is a branch specially dedicated towards carrying out breast procedures in a safe and comfortable environment. We are proud to bring together a highly reputed association of specialist plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists, and Gynecologists, who are trained to understand the uniqueness of each patient and provide them appropriate treatment. We understand that any individual thinking of cosmetic surgery for correcting their aesthetic inferiority is likely going through bit of an emotional turmoil. However, our requirement is that the patients should be made aware of the course of the procedure so that they can maintain and co-operate with complete details of their medical history. We also encourage their queries with regards to obtaining a safe and successful result. Patients applying for a cosmetic surgery with us are required to have realistic expectations from their procedure. Applying patients are provided with before and after images of past patients, so that they can better understand and conceptualize what their results will turn out to be. Our breast implants and medically graded and FDA approved. We ensure complete safety and precautionary measures to ensure maximum rate of successful procedures and a large network of happy clients. A surgery at our breast augmentation clinic in London will help you feel good about your body and ensure that you look your most naturally beautiful self. Nevertheless, we do not make any kind of promise or provide encouragement of the fact that by undergoing a breast surgery you can transform your entire image. We are here to ensure you get a safe and natural looking final result that is most likely to boost your self-confidence and help you live a happy life for as the old saying goes, “When you feel good, you look great!”

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