Breast Uplift

For breast enhancement, breast uplift serves a number of purposes with or without the use of breast implants, which is medically called Mastopexy. This is ideal for those patients who have drooping and sagging than asymmetric or natural breasts. At our clinic, Perfect Breast Clinic, breast uplift surgeries are done by taking into consideration patients state of mind since one automatically feels involuntary deprivation from what is supposed to be naturally beautiful. With a normal body, aesthetic goals of women are most of times leads to the normal life that is beautiful as her inner self.

This surgery is mainly for women with a precise set of primary reasons:

  1. Tired and droopy breasts post-pregnancy and breast feeding
  2. Naturally assymetrical or small breasts
  3. Drooping of old breast implants
  4. Deformed breasts due to ageing


We believe in an initial consultation with our clients who chooses to have the consultation with their chosen surgeon. The surgeon will be responsible in guiding you with specified information about breast implants, the types of procedure including breast augmentation costs, placement types and varieties of incision which can be the best option for you. You can choose your own course of your surgery, since this is an elective surgery. Our patients at Perfect Breast Clinic are encouraged to make their own decisions independently against clueless or blind faith. Once the patients have qualified as an ideal candidate, surgery will be only be carried. This surgery is performed to firm and tighten the sagging breasts unilaterally or bilaterally under general anesthesia and it can be combined with breast implants too. It will be an open surgery if you have chosen silicone implants and on other hand it can be minimimal invasive surgery if chosen saline implants that can span from 1.5 to 2 hours to complete. On placing the breast implants properly the incisions are stitched. After surgery the patient is padded with either a gauze or special garments for supporting the newly breasts with certain post operative instructions and care given that are to be followed. Discomfort and soreness is common problem faced in this surgery that can go off within several days. One can be quite sure that our surgeons at Perfect Breast Clinic takes the responsibility to offer best support system when expected and needed from them for a safe, lasting and sure surgery. This serves the purpose of your happiness and aesthetic goals for life. Breast Uplift is a commonly performed surgery to provide normal size breasts if they are sagging , droopy and loose due to pregnancy , ageing and breast feeding or any such life events. This procedure includes breast reduction with nipple correction , breast augmentation without or with usage of breast implants. One of the main aim is raising the level of breast fold up to chest proportion with firm and tight definition as it would be for naturally attractive breasts.

Breast Uplift Cost in the UK

We have excluded charges at our clinic for consultation which will assist you to educate yourself for electing the right procedures. Your costs would include the following things:

  1. Placement Of Breast
  2. Implant Type Of Anesthesia
  3. Choice Of Equipment
  4. Types Of Incisions
  5. The Time Spent At Post Surgery Period In Hospital.

These are the factors that will determine the cost of surgery during your consultation session in details that will take place in our clinic in London. Subject to personalized desires and needs , breast uplift start from £6,000 at Perfect Breast Clinic and goes up to £10,000. Surgery can be done with patients having clear conscious and there is no pressure on our patient to opt for this surgery.

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