We have a full time desk job with satisfaction. We love junk food. We love to sleep on weekends. We are happy and healthy otherwise, but the little bulges make us sad, and sadder as they tend to grow making us officially fat. We hear a lot about Liposuction, so what’s with it?

This is a common story in London. People tend grow fat and Liposuction is a common phrase used. Vaser Liposuction is a term which says that it removes body fat effectively. But it does not help a person to lose weight.

Weight loss and Liposuction and Vaser Liposuction are different things. With weight loss programs, a fat person regains his/her normal to average body weight by dieting, exercising and laughing a lot. And liposuction comes into the scene, when the fat person cannot see any results in his appearance after months of strict regimes of exercise and healthy diet of weight loss programs and straining his cranial nerves with lots of laughter. The fat person still has the unsightly loose and bulgy tummy, thunder thighs, has layers of flab or a thick pad of skin developed under their flanks and love handles, and a double chin. In this case, Liposuction comes into the scene.

Liposuction is widely known as a cosmetic surgery procedure which drains away excess body fat using a cannula and aspirator. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. Liposuction has been around for 30years of research and has evolved a lot since. Earlier, during the 80s Liposuction used to be of mixed results with complications like patients may get minimal results with saggy skin, scars and bruises that would take months to fade.

Then UAL Liposuction or liposelection, was introduced which used sound waves to melt the fat before draining it, and though more predictable results, patients sometimes had burns from the sound waves. Vaser Liposuction techniques and tools were introduced in 1998 by researcher Dr. William Cimino that is advanced and safer than traditional Liposuction; it still uses a cannula and an aspirator, but delivering more predictable results than ever.

It was introduced in London around 2005, and since then hundreds of people in London alone have tried this cosmetic surgery with fair and satisfactory results. Vaser Liposuction uses ultrasound vibrations to shake and melt off the unwanted fat cells of the chosen area without damaging the skin or the neighboring muscles, tissues and nerves. It is minimal to zero painful depending on the patient’s sensibility. And the results are satisfactory due complete post-surgical care and maintenance of all the instructions given by the surgeon.

Before going for a Vaser liposuction, lose the extra pounds by exercising and get around your normal body weight, this can focus on the subcutaneous fat layers and to get them off your system permanently.

With a regular diet, prescribed exercise and massage sessions that tightens any loose skin so the patient is most likely to see have the fairly satisfactory body shape. With all the care and maintenance final results start to get noticeable by the end of 4months and reach its ultimate effects by 6 months.