Vaser liposuction is a well known cosmetic surgery wherein one can very effectively tone down the extra bulges of localised fat from the most problem areas of one’s body. However, when it comes to cellulite which is another form of subcutaneous fat which grows more superficially mainly in the lower abdomen, buttocks and back of the thighs region, the Vaser lipo or even Vaser hi def lipo procedures require something more, since they are designed for more deep residing layers of hard and fibrous fat, while the cellulite is a gel like substance residing on the upper layers of skin.
To remove this unwanted fat Vaser has newly developed the Vasersmooth technique which is specially designed to remove the cellulite which is an excellent post-op treatment too to give out the finest results ahead of all other liposuction procedures.

Difference between Cellulite and Subcutaneous Fat

Cellulite is a specific form of body fat which gives the skin a dimpled and crinkled appearance like it’s to look at an old ripened orange if you have noticed how it looks, and its more prominent when the connective tissues separates the fat cells into pockets.

Since subcutaneous fat is present under everyone’s skin, slim and otherwise well contoured people can have some cellulite deposits to their inner thighs, or the back of their thighs, hindering them to wear shorts in public, cellulite is more common in women.

You can treat your cellulite with diet and exercise more easily than localised subcutaneous fat which tends to be thick and hard to shift with workout, but sometimes even cellulite reacts the same way and patients would often seek for liposuction and more prominently ultrasonic Vaser lipo for its far reaching capabilities to treat cellulite.

Why Choose Vasersmooth over Vaser Liposuction

All procedures of liposuction is rather designed for more deep and fibrous fat, the probes somehow don’t suffice for only cellulite removal. Vaser lipo might be helpful to treat both subcutaneous fat and cellulite, but even that falls short when it comes to treat only cellulite in the thinner layers and finer dimples of the skin to provide enough firmness and smoothness.

Vasersmooth probes hence are specifically designed to emulsify thinner and more superficial cellulite removing the unattractive irregularities of the skin and provide firm and smoothness to the surface of the skin.

The Vasersmoth equipments come with an intelligently designed hand piece that facilitates the necessary side cutting and pushing action of the probes, while delivering the appropriate amount of energy to the tissue.

The probes are designed to perform like other VASER Lipo probes to selectively break apart fatty tissue while preserving nerves and blood vessels when desired. The fragmentation edge can then be used to strategically cut designated setae responsible for irregular skin appearance.

With this unique accessory, you can provide your patients with a comprehensive selection of body sculpting treatment options utilizing VASER hi def Lipo technology.

The Vaser smooth devices accessorize the Vaser ultrasound liposuction equipment by means to specially treat cellulite prone areas. It is safe and effective as it comes with the standard of Vaser. The procedure is same as the liposuction wherein the whole procedure can be performed under local anesthesia.

First, markings are placed on the skin in the preoperative area, noting both the peaks and valleys in the skin with different colored markers. Next, you are brought to the operating room. While you lie on the operating table, the affected areas are cleansed with antiseptic solution. A few small (approximately 1/8 inch) incisions are made in the skin in areas less likely to be visible.

Next, the VASERsmooth ultrasound cannula is introduced painlessly under the skin through the fat. Where the bands that tether the skin and cause dimpling are created, the edge of the probe is brought against the band and the ultrasound energy is turned on. This cuts the bands. After the bands are cut, any “peaks” of fat are taken down with the regular VASSER ultrasound probe and then a suction cannula. Lastly, the wounds are dressed. It’s that simple!

Downtime is minimal and scarring and bruising are minimal. You can return to work in a day or two, and resume regular exercise and normal activities in about two weeks.