Plastic surgery or most definitively cosmetic surgery has a brighter as well as darker side. Every surgical procedure has some potential risks, but as the limitations and safety measures of cosmetic surgery grows, so does the ratings of patients seeking it. This information provides the answers about the right time to consider surgery and the positive candidacy of various cosmetic surgeries.

In the first place, cosmetic surgery is a popular thing not only in the UK but all over the world. This is to IMPROVE your aesthetic deficiencies and not experiment with one’s influences. The most commonly sought procedures include

1. Liposuction
2. Breast Augmentation
3. Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)
4. Facial Surgery

Vaser Liposuction is regarded as the fourth generation procedure, most effective near to predictable body contouring surgery. However, many patients are received at all noted clinics in all cities in a daily basis supposing this procedure as a weight loss treatment despite there being wide awareness about all nooks and crannies of liposuction that it not.

The ideal age and weight to qualify as a candidate for Vaser Lipo or any kind of liposuction is to be an adult and no more than 10pounds to your ideal body weight. The choice of surgeon is the most important task for you. The most obvious risks of this procedure are temporary scars, bruises and swellings that may or may not be painful like being hit hard.

Breast implants do not cause cancer. Patients of breast cancer who either have opted for preventive breast cancer mastectomy are provided with breast reconstruction with or without breast implants. You can have a breast augmentation surgery afterwards as well. This surgery is devised and regarded to aid for cases of micromastia, asymmetric or deformed breasts.

Breast augmentation requires a lifetime worth of care and maintenance which is to go for regular checkups, mammograms and replace the implants after about 10 years. Medical graded silicone is not harmful, but smoking, alcohol and some drugs including aspirins and anti-depressants can cause complications like capsular contracture and rupturing of the breast implants.

Rhinoplasty or nose job is an age old cosmetic procedure perhaps dating from the Mesopotamian era. This surgery is targeted for individuals who have damaged their nose in some accident or have abnormal formation of it from birth.

Corrective Surgeries are a strong reason how and why many patients has to consider over again, where it all started with a little nose job or arm liposuction, uneven results and permanent scars can impel you to go for surgery over again.

Unregulated aesthetic surgery is a common thing in the modern world. It is also an expensive thing, maybe the hard way this works as controlling the masses to fall for the obsession of it as long as they can’t afford such an expensive obsession.

The demanding attitude of an increasing clan of persons impels many cosmetic surgeons to actually do it for the benefit of economic attractions. But recognised and genuine surgeons would readily dismiss such a demand or to acknowledge these persons as a patient in the first place.

A surgeon’s talent and compassion saves the day even for a genuinely seeking patient more than his / her experience and qualification and recognition. But it is an evident theory that that talented and compassionate surgeon is most likely to be the most recognised one who’s prone to be crowded with more patients and the more the patients the more the experience.

A plastic surgeon does not hold the responsibility to guide his/ her patient who is a clear case of obsession but many cosmetic surgery clinics (including Harley Body Clinic) provide patient counseling to raise consciousness.