It is renowned that the branch of cosmetic surgery applies more to women than men. But nowadays with the newer advancements into the field, male patients are becoming a wider rate of visitors at the cosmetic clinics.

It is however still a less visited section where we receive male patients who want to opt for lip augmentation or a facelift.
But the most treated male patients come with problems of male breast and gynecomastia and chest fat. And the number of men opting for the treatments for male chest reduction surgery and body sculpting procedures are widening by thousands every year according to major annual medical databases and surveys.


This is regarded as a disorder of hormones that usually occurs temporarily during either of neonatal, pubertal, adolescent or ageing times of life, when hormonal levels are greatly exposed to a lot of changes. The major cause is when female specific steroid hormones that is biologically meant to be present in male bodies in a next to dormant level, actually gets stimulated due to some undetermined reason and exceeds the limits of more male specific androgen hormones. This results to temporary or lasting presence of mammary glands and enlarged breasts in men that can cause serious mental dissatisfaction and self consciousness in men than physical discomfort. Physical discomfort is less common and can lead to pain, sensitivity, abnormal enlargement of the chest area and nipple discharging.

In newborns presence of gynecomastia is sometimes diagnosed and is explained as during child birth some female steroids are involuntarily transmitted to the son causing temporary and usually benign condition of gynecomastia. Pubertal and Adolescent gynecomastia is explained in the situation when hormonal levels are exposed to fluctuate to bodily changes greatly at this stage of life. Patients diagnosed with disorder between age 40-50 and more are often diagnosed with drug usage like anti tuberculosis medications; some strong steroids; antibiotics which have variable affect on the hormones. Hence it is suspected that some special medications can be a cause of gynecomastia in aging men.

Chest Fat / Pseudo Gynecomastia

Male models and body builders and over weighted men are common among our treated patients. Male chest fat is often regarded as pseudo gynecomastia, while some surgeons oppose to the grammatical approach of it at least medically and is often proposed as false gynecomastia as sometimes it causes misunderstanding with the genuine diagnosis and symptoms of the same.

Male chest fat is a common condition than genuine gynecomastia, as most of the cases are diagnosed with and happen to be quite a stubborn condition contrary to the conditions of gynecomastia, which is less commonly temporary if not rare.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery

After a long term consultation session and thorough examination of patient’s medical history both past and present, evaluation of the exact cause of the symptoms which included minute investigation of patient’s drug usage including antibiotics and painkillers.

For a gynecomastia surgery there is requirement of open excision and removal of the glands with avulsion technique with the use of manual instruments the surgeon excises the glands from the roots. Surrounding breast tissues and chest fat is suctioned with Vaser liposuction or Smart Lipo or a combination of both.

This surgery takes about 2 hours to complete and is done under local anaesthesia and modern developments make it a safe and effective surgery with lasting results and a downtime of 2 weeks.

However the cue for the patient is to identify the right surgeon who is not only qualified and experienced in the procedure but is also compassionate about the patient.

For fat removal from chest there is no need of avulsion and the surgeon apply Vaser liposuction or Vaser Hi Def can be ideal for permanent chest fat removal and further sculpting of the chest skin into making skin grooves made with a specialized ultrasonic cannula. To have this surgery the patient is instructed to come near to their ideal body weight, because applying Vaser Lipo or Vaser hi def lipo won’t serve the purpose on obese or over weighted people.