Liposuction is a well known and commonly sought procedure, where an individual can permanently remove area specific body fat. The idea has acquired a good name where people can really turn up with its benefits. But this surgery is not yet a 100% predictable surgery and it can turn you down with conditions like — numbness, uneven fat removal, bumpy skin and of course gaining back some fat and with it, a few more pounds of body weight.

While the numbness, bumps in the skin and surgical scars all fade off with the due course of 1-2 months, what stresses the patient most is if the body fat appears to come back — Usually people have the supposition that once the localised fat is removed, as it is famously acclaimed as permanent, it is that they are free from all worries, this is partly right also partly wrong. Thinness is not in the criterion of a liposuction surgery, it is to contour the body.

Here it can be an obvious question that if all this is for body contouring, and if the fat does come back then why go for it in the first place, that too spending all the expense? And what makes it so popular?

Here’s where genuine plastic surgeons explain the whole story: leave aside body weight- liposuction has nothing to do with it. It only removes “localised fat” off your targeted areas. Now localised fat is not always subjected to fat persons. These fat cells grow in the skin layers and are extremely difficult to shed with power yoga and vegan diets.

The fat is indeed permanently removed from the “treated area”. Fat is also essential for our internal body system, and the essential fat cells remain in our body intact after the surgery. It’s only the additional and unwanted fat layers under our skin that shall be removed. And sometimes the “untreated area” happens to expand with the essential fat cells in the body, closer to the treated area in reaction to the surgery. Fat cells do not travel through the body, so once the targeted area is removed of all the fat it won’t regain any more fat there.


In this point dieting and exercising plays an important role. The fat will be evenly distributed throughout your body giving it a well contoured line and curve and with the post-op massage sessions it only makes things better. And it is more likely to be not localised stubborn fat which will give you saddlebags and sagging appearance. That is why people opt for Liposuction surgery so much.

Yes you can gain weight and body fat, but the body fat would be expanded fat cells which you can turn down with exercise and dieting. That is the drawback that a liposuction surgery won’t change the course of your life or your lifestyle where you can pull the plug on dieting and exercising and enjoy your naturally curvy slim body. You can only be sure that your skin won’t sag and it will be firm and upright.