When you are considering Liposuction, There are a number of questions that the FAQ page doesn’t always sort out for you. The feeling of anticipation, when you look at the mirror and plan what can be done to get back that perfect figure; it is a long journey from planning to decision.

Localised Stubborn Fat: There are a number of causes and types of fatness. The types are generalised fat and localised fat; we will get to the causes in a while. Generalised body fat is rows in overweight obese people mainly that are much greater in volume. Localised fat grown in the skin layers, with sagging ad bulging appearance. While generalized fat is better treated with exercise, dieting and some medications, localised fat but are very hard to treat with these therapeutics.

Through with types, now let’s get to the causes. The main cause of fatness is popularly known as Binge Eating. But it is a misconception that eating equals to fatness. Not eating properly can very much lead to fatness, not sleeping properly does the same so does boredom and stress. The point is you look good when you feel good.

Liposuction is for localised fat. And because of the limit of therapeutics for localised fat that is better effective for the treatment, it ruled the roost. Vaser and its various techniques take traditional liposuction to a new level that is less invasive and much more safe and efficient. It is a unique mechanism uses ultrasonic vibration as the medium to remove localised fat from target areas of the body. Localised fat is so hard to get to, that it is commonly known as “stubborn fat” and Vaser is the most common name that is used against it.

The Vaser UAL technology and technique looks a lot like the traditional techniques, which is a 30year old procedure that involved tumescent technique to remove fat. The difference between traditional tumescent and Vaser Liposuction is the medium by which the fat is removed from target areas. That is, tumescent and all liposuction methods use local or general anaesthetics mixed with adrenalin to inject to the target area. While the anaesthetics numb the area the adrenalin swell up the area like a tight balloon, the surgeon then makes a few 1mm big incisions to the area and inserting a trocar needle attached with a hollow cannulae tube. At the tumescent liposuction the surgeon push and pulls the trocar needle inside the patient’s skin to manually break the fatty walls and sort of churn it before suction. While the Vaser Liposuction trocar needle is generated with ultrasound radiation which melts the fat down before suction with much less effort to break the fat.

Vaser is no doubt much less invasive than tumescent liposuction because the melted buttery fat is far easier to extract out of the body. However, there is a limit as to how much fat can be removed under one surgery that is a maximum 5 liters.

Post surgery you can gain some weight. But they are not new cells that accumulate, but old fat cells probably of the untreated part of your body which tend to expand in reaction to the surgery. This can be temporary weight gain or permanent.