It all traces to the basic important things that is to choose the right surgeon, which you can do by going through one of the several online forums, the chosen surgeon’s past patient’s before after photos, and the chosen clinic’s website and compare their certifications and reputation. You are most likely to be confident of your chosen surgeon once after 2-3 days of research, just keep with the top rated answers and replies.

Listen to the clinics that DO NOT involve salespersons to talk with patients, but communicates through qualified medical consultants. There are a number of cosmetic clinics who provide free consultation and online consultation, which is a smart thing to avail.

Once you have chosen your surgeon, research more and point the facts out of the myths offered by clinics and learn about the available techniques before you show up at the consultation.


Liposuction is only for subcutaneous fat. This is not a weight or inch loss surgery. Don’t expect to lose dress size, you can expect to have improved and evened contours and curves of only the treated area.

You cannot lose more than 5liters of body fat under one surgery

Consider going for a maximum 2-4 areas depending on your fat deposit under one surgery to avoid complications

You don’t need to stay overnight at the hospital if you are feeling ok to go home. But you cannot have this surgery on a weekend and get back to work on Monday. You need 1-2 weeks to recover from surgical trauma depending on areas treated.

You can’t see the results immediately. Final results take 3-4 months to emerge and 6 months to settle to.


Wet/Tumescent technique is the intravenous injection of a saline solution mixed of local anaesthetics, tumescent agents and adrenaline. These three agents perform three different functions – while the local anaesthetic numbs the treatable area, the tumescent drug swell and harden it up and the adrenalin shrinks or constricts the capillaries controlling much blood loss. General anaesthesia is not required, the patient can stay awake or use an intravenous sedation depended on their choice. This is regarded as the traditional technique and is known to lessen invasiveness most efficiently and is ideal for all kinds of liposuction surgeries.

The super wet technique is also an intravenous injection of larger amounts of the saline solution that is almost the same amount of the fat to be removed. It is used when larger amount of fat is to be removed.


Suction assisted tumescent lipo- is the traditional technology which is only reliable on the tumescent injection. After the treatable area is completely prepared in reaction to the tumescent agents, the surgeon makes small holes in the skin and inserts a stainless steel cannula and manually breaks up the fat cells by proper movement of the cannula inside the fatty layers of the skin. Now the surgeon’s compassion for the patient and command over the tool associates the final result in a great deal. Some surgeons still prefer this technique to newer and advanced technologies. Once the fat cells have broken down it is suctioned via the pipe attached with the cannula by an aspirator.

Ultrasound assisted lipo (UAL) is the third generation technique, and Vaser Liposuction is it’s patented brand name. It powers up the cannula with unique ultrasonic probes to melt down the thick fatty layers before suction. This requires less manual movement of the cannula but also means that over exposure to the probes can damage skin and surrounding tissues of the treatable area. But it is claimed that proper careful usage by a good surgeon overcomes these risks making way for a least invasive and near to predictable surgery. Vaser liposuction has received an FDA approval in the year 2006 and is the commonly chosen technique by reputed plastic surgeons.

Vaser Hi def lipo is exclusively powered by Vaser liposuction. This is a unique system that is known to be safe and effective subcutaneous fat loss and body contouring cosmetic surgery, and moreover it allows body sculpting procedure which is done by enhancing the musculature lines in various parts of the body, but it is especially used by men to sculpt out a six pack appearance in their abdomen. This is an artificial enhancement and is not a substitute for the real one acquired through workout and dieting, it just speeds up the process to remove the localised fat hard to remove by exercise wherein you can see your final results in the head of 6months and you have to resume with regular exercise and dieting to maintain the look.

Vaser Mid def lipo is also exclusively developed by Vaser that is a softer definition of the treated areas. It’s said to be a medium definition that is more than the standard Vaser Liposuction and less than the avid muscular enhancement of Vaser hi def liposuction. This procedure is more common in women and treatable area being the abs.

Laser assisted liposuction is the usage of light beams to remove fat and the patented brand name for this is Smart Lipo. That also got FDA approved, in 2007, and is also a widely chosen procedure. Smart Lipo is a very effective surgery for male breast reduction for cases of gynecomastia. The procedure is same as the suction assisted liposuction using tumescent technique. But the difference is the laser-containing cannula. Laser liposuction is also powered by other procedures such as Cool Lipo, Slim Lipo, Pro lipo, but Smart lipo is the only FDA approved and widely chosen procedure.


scarring, bruising and some amount of pain after or during the surgery are normal. But these complications are all treatable with due post-op care that is supposed to be mentioned and discussed at all good and genuine cosmetic clinics. These post-op cares include support garments to be worn after the surgery, post op massages that is likely to be provided or at least recommended by the clinic, and follow up sessions where the surgeons continuously keep track of your progression after the surgery.

Gaining weight is also a part of this surgery, but you don’t get the fat back at the treated area but rather on the surrounding areas where actually the essential body fats expand in reaction to the surgery. This is nothing to be worried of and met with good massage sessions and exercises are terminable.