Liposuction vs Vaser

Vibration Amplication of Sound Energy at Resonance (VASER) is an advanced form of Liposuction which uses a special sound variation system called ultrasonic vibrations (UAL) to melt down the fat before suctioning with minimal bruises and pain enabling fast recovery and maximum results. And for a smart body contouring Vaser hi-def lipo sculpture is a fine option.

Tumescent Liposuction is the first and traditional technique. This technique introduced tumescent fluid into the tissues, usually mixed with some local anesthetic to help with pain relief and additional small amounts of adrenaline with the tumescent fluid to reduce bruising and blood loss.

To Vaser Liposuction UK has gotten fast acquainted to, and it’s a trend nowadays for a number of advancements including its safe and one of the best treatments for severe problems like gynacomastia, mole removal and smart body contouring Vaser is one reliable source.

For the popularity of Vaser Liposuction London is a good place to show that being in the recent times when people are leading lifestyles made of junk food and workloads with lesser time to work out, they often develop these unwanted adipose especially in the abdominal region which are stubborn and won’t shed despite following a healthy regime and in this case Liposuction is a useful cosmetic surgery that can provide fair results if done with proper care and instructions. And being a minimal invasive procedure that’s FDA approved and widely certified as it offers Vaser one of the best liposuction UK has grown to trust.

Vaser virtually looks like any other UAL machine but surgeons prefer this as a good alternate technology to traditional liposuction for its sensible vibration reaches in the deep layers of fat without the need to exhaust the cannula to break them down as a smart process by which fatty deposits can be removed from beneath the skin to improve the aesthetics of a particular body part. Additionally, Vaser liposuction uses specifically designed microcannulas that remove fat but preserve other tissues keeping them untouched, with the saline solution and adrenalin there is typically much less bleeding and bruising as compared to Traditional Liposuction.

Large fibrous areas like the abdomen and thighs as well as intense delicate area like the jaw line and neck area can be treated with Vaser Hi-def lipo sculpture and various regions can be treated together under one surgery in a day. These criterions were unreachable for Traditional Lipo. However the amount of fat to be removed from the body has a limitation and the surgeons decides that after looking at the patient.

Vaser Hi-def lipo-sculpture or VHD can sculpt the patient’s body as according to the natural muscular contours with a minimal trauma and stress to the body. Patients can recover sooner within a week and the final results will normally appear within 4-6 months with maximum results.

For removal of fat deposits from beneath the skin Vaser uses one of the several designs of cannula specialized for every procedure with the assistance of a powerful vacuum. Liposuction can be done under general as well as local anesthesia, or with heavy IV sedation.

All liposuctions undergo the traditional tumescent liquid, or a saline solution mixed with anesthetics, to be injected into the area being treated. But in case of Vaser, Instead of using a manual movement to break down the fat tissue, high frequency ultrasonic vibrations are used which reach till the depth of the adipose layers and melt them without the doctor needing to manually break them which allows less bruising and pain which makes it easier and faster to recover from post-surgical trauma.

Vaser Liposuciton is a far gentler process than the more traditional liposuction techniques that significantly offers cosmetic surgeons a great deal of control and deliver for a smooth, contoured look to the patient’s maximum satisfaction.

Knowing the advancements of Vaser compared to Traditional Liposuction, it is to note however, that the best results are still depended on the hands of your surgeon and his talents. For finding a good surgeon practicing with Vaser UK is a credible place. World famous cosmetic surgeons practice the technique and the best place to find a good practitioner of Vaser Liposuction London is the first choice.

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