Cancellation Policy

Surgery Cancellation Policy

  1. Surgery Cancellation on the day of the Surgery No Refund on Quoted Price
  2. Surgery Cancellation with 24 hrs notice, 25% Refund on Quoted Price
  3. Surgery Cancellation with 72 hrs notice, 50% Refund on Quoted Price
  4. Surgery Cancellation with 2 week notice, 75% Refund on Quoted Price
  5. Surgery Cancellation with 1 month notice, 100% Refund on Quoted Price
  6. If Patients Wish To Reschedule the Surgery, the Quoted Price is Non-Refundable

Administrative Fees

  • Late Payment Charge / Declined Charge for Scheduled Monthly Payment £25
  • Administrative fee for Issuing default Notice £50
  • Administrative Fee for issuing claim in the county court £150
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