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Saline Implants

Saline breast implants are formed by a combination of a silicon-based single lumen elastonomer shell and a filing of saline water solution. The shell is available in either smooth or textured surfaces and comes in varying orders of types, size, shapes, and thickness. The implants are filled at the time of surgery and also find application in expandable implants. Perfect Breast Clinic does not use prefilled saline implants.

Since breast implant rupture is an inevitable risk in a breast augmentation procedure, saline implants ensure that in such an event the saline solution dissolves with the body fluids similar to a saline drip or dose of glucose thus creating lesser alienation for the body. The considerable risk of capsular contracture is also overcome in such a scenario.

Saline implants are available in the range of 120cc to 960cc in round or teardrop shapes. Those desiring sizes greater than 850cc would be required to have custom made implants.

The saline breast implant was predominantly developed to facilitate a more conservative surgical technique that would involve fewer and smaller cuts to the breast while placing an empty breast implant device through a considerably small surgical incision. In surgical praxis, once the empty breast implant has been successfully placed into the implant pockets, the plastic surgeon fills in the breast prosthesis using a saline solution. Since the required incision insertions are small the resultant incision scars come out smaller than the surgical scars produced at the time of inserting pre-filled silicone-gel implants. Though the resultant yield in terms of breast size, feel, and contour is good-to-excellent for saline breast implants as compared to silicone-based products, they are also more likely to cause cosmetic problems such as rippling, wrinkling, and can also be very noticeable to the eye and touch. This holds especially true for women with very little breast tissue and for those undergoing post-mastectomy reconstruction. As a result, silicone-breast implants are regarded as superior prosthetic devices when it comes to breast reconstruction and breast augmentation procedures. Women who have higher amount of breast tissues and are looking for no more than partial sub-muscular emplacement will find saline breast implants to give them that “aesthetic” look in terms of breast size and contour similar to what a silicone breast implant affords.

Saline Breast Implant Cost In The UK

Standard saline breast implants in and around London have a starting price of £3,500. Saline implants are cheaper compared to silicone implants with the difference in price being a result of the saltwater filler in the former which is cheaper than silicone gel. However, it is often said that saline implants don’t feel as natural as a silicone implant and does not give the feel of real breast tissue. While this may be true for the older designs, this is certainly not the case for the newer models. With a newer generation of shapes and designs, both types of implants are considered safe, feel natural, and last in their formative ways.

Our surgeons at Perfect Breast Clinic take every responsibility to provide the best support system necessary and expected from a surgeon for providing a lasting, safe and sure surgery that serves the purpose of aesthetic goals and happiness in your life.

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