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Breast Lift vs Breast Augmentation

Life events such as weight loss, pregnancy and ageing may have a wide effect on the women’s breast, resulting them to sag and droop. The size, shape and curvature can differ in firmness from each other, which leads to a dismal state of mind, especially with women who are conceited about their natural beauty. To substitute the missing aesthetic desire of having perfect breasts lifelong, prosthetic breast implants is being involved to achieve the Breast Augmentation, offering the look closer to your former natural breasts. Breast Lift surgery on the other hand, doesn’t involve breast implants, but obtains the firmness of sagging bosoms with eliminating extra elasticised skin from the targeted breast area to achieve a firmer and tighter skin and breasts.

A Breast Augmentation Surgery is mainly meant for those women, who have asymmetrical or small breasts that this procedure usually leads to, by helping in obtaining breast enlargement. If this procedure is used for treating sagging breasts, it serves the purpose too, but a breast lift (with the prosthesis for a long time, which is subject to lifelong care and maintenance) is fit for patients with asymmetric or smaller breasts. On the other hand, Breast Lift is a breast enhancement procedure that does need to involve any long term care and maintenance. However, if one gains weight after the surgery, the breasts can get droopy and saggy in future again. Again to make the breast smaller, removing the breast tissue would be a good option.

It is a matter of the con dition and choice of course, which can be determined once you consult with your surgeon in details. Both the surgeries can be performed once all your concerns and doubts are cleared by our surgeon as to what and when situations are ideal for one to consider any cosmetic surgery and offcourse, what procedure would suit best for your purpose.

It is most likely if you maintain a proper fitness regime with generous amount of antioxidants in the form of vegetables in your diet, alongwith wearing the rightly supportive bra, having the right sleeping postures and many other ways and habits of living can help in restoring your breasts from sagging and drooping out of age and other life events.

Combination Of Breast Augmentation And Breast Lift

When breast implants are not enough to cover any saggy or droopyness (ptosis) of the breasts, both the procedure can be combined and applied, where the breast lift removes the excess drooping skin to provide suppleness and firmness. Similarly, the breast lift procedure can be combined with breast implants for a lasting result, when sagginess is to be removed and covered.

Cost Of Combined Breast Augmentation And Lift In The UK

Combined surgeries with a breast lift can be a breast reduction as well as a breast augmentation surgery. The main purpose of breast lift is to remove the excess skin making the area firmer.

The cost may vary widely from procedure to procedure, through the course of surgery, where combined breast lift prices at Perfect Breast Clinic start from £ 6,000 including your chosen type of incision, breast implants, type of placement and whetheror not you will be required to stay overnight at the hospital.

Our surgeon takes responsibility of providing what you expect from a surgeon, providing the best support system serves the purpose of your aesthetic goals.

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