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Corrective Breast Surgery

For any sort of malformation of breast implants caused by previously performed breast surgeries, there are number of corrective surgeries that are performed in Perfect Breast Clinic in London, including correction of breast symmetry, correction of capsular contracture and corrective surgery post breast reduction.

We also assist and help patients and do not limit to past patients who have been treated by other surgeons unrecognized by Perfect Breast Clinic. However, we ask our clients to provide us with past medical history and surgeries proper documentation, especially that been performed by an unrecognized surgeon.

Modern cosmetic surgeries have recently advanced in the cosmetic field in order to reduce the rate of complication that has been associated with earlier performed breast augmentation surgery leading to past unhappy patients. However, they still exist that can be overcome by a corrective surgery. Breast Augmentation is a popular procedure in the UK. Any breast enhancement surgery anywhere else or even if performed at our clinic in London does carry some of the potential complications and risks regardless of their high standards which includes:

Implant Displacement occurs sometimes that has an awkward and unnatural look when breast implants tends to shift outwards of armpit.

Implant Rupturing occurs when at times the gels start to leak inside when there is puncturing of the implants. If that’s so, surgeons need to remove them. There are less chances of infection with saline breast rupturing as with silicone, but neither of them causes any such diseases.

Capsular Contracture occurs when the capsular lining of tissues formation hardens around the implants. This works as an advantage if rupturing happens since the leaked gel gets locked inside its capsule preventing it from spreading to the body. However, capsular contracture can cause deformation of breast implants, painful and finally hardens them.

Implant Symmastia is a condition where you have one big breast at the centre of your chest since the breast implants tends to shift from sides to center of your chest. This is also referred to as ‘Uni-Boob’. Due to correcting or revising old breast implants after a certain point that corrective breast enhancement surgeries are devised with a number of advantages and personalized procedures.

Breast Implant is another type of corrective surgery that helps in re-shifting breast implants to its right location without having to make same placement or incision types as had been done in your previous surgery. There are number of complications that it can be corrected with including dislocates and ruptured implants and symmastia. The instructions and recovery period are also same as your first time breast implant surgery.

Nipple Correction is performed to correct deformed nipples caused by breast feeding or pregnancy with breast implants to restore the natural appearance and look of your breast. This can be done with addition or alone with any surgeries you choose to undergo if the surgeon thinks you required one. This corrective surgery requires making incisions around your nipple or contracts or spreads the nipple to obtain a less prominent and youthful appearance of your breasts where milk ducts is safe and uncharted by this surgery.

As per patients condition, corrective surgery costs in UK Corrective breast implant surgery is largely subjected and required conduction of procedure. Cost of standard breast reconstruction start from £4,000 to £5,000. In order to provide best support system, Perfect Breast Clinic takes responsibilities which are expected from a surgeon for sure, lasting and safe at out clinic in London which may produce great and long lasting results.

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