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Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation surgery is meant for those patients, who have smaller breasts than usual, or asymmetric breasts. It serves the purpose of breast enlargement, that is medically termed as Augmentation Mammoplasty. The surgery is performed with the help of saline breast implants or medical graded silicone to substitute the requirement of a proportionate and fuller breast shape and size. Perfect Breast Clinic is situated in London, where breast augmentation is performed after understanding our client’s aesthetic desires and state of mind caused by involuntary deprivation from what’s supposed to be beautiful naturally. Every women’s aesthetic goal in life is to lead a simple normal life with a normal body, that is also beautiful as her inner self.

This surgery is primarily for those set of women with a specific set of primary reasons:

  • Deformed breasts due to ageing
  • Naturally asymmetrical or small breasts
  • Mastectomy due to breast cancer, or any therapeutic disorder or accident
  • Deformed breast post-pregnancy and breast feeding

The Procedure

Prior to the surgery, we start with an initial consultation in our clinic in London with your chosen surgeon, who would be responsible for guiding you about breast implants with detailed information, breast augmentation costs, the types of procedure including the varieties of placement types and incision and the best option for you. The surgery is elective one, which means one have to choose their own surgery.

At Perfect Breast Clinic, we encourage our patients to make their own decision independently against clueless anticipations or blind faith. The surgery will only be carried out if the patient has been qualified as the ideal candidate. The whole surgery is performed under the general anesthesia to enlarge the asymmetric or small breasts unilaterally or bilaterally using your own chosen breast implants. If you have chosen saline implants then surgery can be minimally invasive surgery or if you have chosen silicone implants, then it would be an open surgery where either of the case the surgery would span from 1.5 to 2hours. The incisions are stitched once the implants are placed properly and the patient is padded with surgical special garments and gauzed for full support. Discomfort and soreness are common post operative effect of this surgery that will subside off within several days.

After the surgery:

Breast Augmentation cost in the UK

The cost of standard breast augmentation starts from £3,200, including the price of your chosen type of placement, type of incision, breast implants and whether or not you will be required to stay overnight at the hospital. You can be sure that our surgeon at Perfect Breast Clinic takes full responsibility in providing the best support expected and needed from a surgeon for a safe, long lasting surgery serving the purpose of your happiness and aesthetic goals for lifelong.

The surgery of breast lift is commonly performed for normal sized breast if they are sagging, droopy and loose skin due to pregnancy and breastfeeding or ageing or any such life events. The surgery includes augmentation of breast, with or without using breast implants, nipple correction with breast reduction. The main idea of the whole surgery is to the raise a level up of the breast folds for a proportionate chest position with a firm and tight definition, as it would be for naturally appealing and attractive breasts.

Breast Enhancement Cost in the UK

We exclude the charges of consultation at our clinic in London that would help to educate the interested clients and elect the correct procedures. The costs would include:

  • Types of incision
  • Placement of Breast implant
  • The procedure
  • Type of anaesthesia, and
  • Choice of equipment
  • The amount of time spent at the hospital post surgery

All these factors determine the surgery cost that will be discussed with you during consultation sessions in details. The cost for Breast Enhancement starts from £3,200 at Perfect Breast Clinic and can go up till £10,000, subjected to personalized desires and requirements. We don’t encourage patients who just opts for this surgery under some influence other than the patient’s own clear primary reason or conscious for asking for it.

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