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Pre Operative Checklist

The pre-operative checklist is provided by our surgeon is handed over to you when you have qualified being the ideal candidate for breast enhancement procedure at Perfect Breast Clinic, which jots down the do’s and don’ts with a detailed list of requirements to be carried out before the surgery. Mentioned here is a generalized preoperative checklist for to prepare basically, however, your personalized checklist may look different.

One should avoid intake prohibited medications when one is just three weeks away from the surgery. If one is under medications or taking some medications, it should only be taken after consulting and sorting out by your surgeon and if you still qualified for the surgery, then one should definitely follow the checklist for managing your medication and surgery. Breast Enhancement surgery has few restricted drugs that include: anti-coagulants; vitamins; aspirins and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Quit Smoking

Many of you might have heard it somewhere or other regarding the many explanations and justifications regarding smoking and breast implants that it does not delay recovery and is not harmful. But our surgeons strictly disapprove of smoking while one is scheduled for a breast surgery at Perfect Breast Clinic.

You Would Require Refraining From Alcohol Too

Alcohol has a numbing effect on your nerves and blood streams which you might not feel if you have had it three weeks ago, but your blood stream and nerves are still in effect. So when you are scheduled for a surgery, avoiding even a pint of beer is essential for your own safety purpose.

Preparation Of Your Body Before Surgery

Preparation of your body before surgery is must where you will be prescribed some special supplements, like if intake iron supplements if you have chosen to undergo a breast augmentation with fat grafting including medications for antibiotics and pain. Consider following the diet plan if so is pre-specified by your surgeon where the prescriptions and medical reports need to be filled by this time. Keeping a case of pills with you would be handy in the case of emergency.

When You Are A Week Away From The Surgery

  • Make a tie up with a family member or friend or hire a helper whom you trust on to take you safely back home after the surgery, since we strongly advise against being alone at least for 5 days after a breast enhancement surgery.
  • It will be a good time to re-confirm your hospital room if your procedure involves you to stay overnight in hospital.

Three Days Prior To Surgery Your Breast Enhancement Surgery:

  • Quit your regular workout sessions as instructed
  • Quit using creams like acne treatment and other if as instructed by your surgeon
  • Storing lots of Ice-bags in fridge, since you will be needing it in aid for the swelling after the surgery.
  • In order to not strain your newly breast implants, arrange for a sitter at shower or helping you to stand underneath the shower partially.
  • Follow all the pre-operative medications as prescribed by your surgeon and start taking the prescribed Arnica/ Vitamin K. These will help prevent bruising from breast implants. Do not try to shave or wax underarms within a week at least prior to breast augmentation surgery.

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