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Breast Anatomy

The most vital part of the examination for breast enhancement or understanding breast cancer, is the anatomy of the breast. A woman’s breast is the symbol of her sensuality and feminity, but everyone is not blessed with that natural sensual fullness and curvature. The primary function of breasts is for breastfeeding the infant, but is also considered as a secondary sex organ.

Estrogen and progesterone are the female steroid hormone stimulating the mammary glands that causes breast enlargement from the age of 12 at 13 in young woman, normally acquiring a firm round mass of breast tissue as one grows. Breasts consist of several layers of tissues, like breast tissue and fat tissue. Inframammary Fold is the fold between the meeting of breast tissue and chest wall. Nipple Areola Complex or NAC, is the region approximately in a breast center forming the areola projecting the colour of the nipple that varies from light pink to dark brown depending on complexion. The surface opens to about 8 to 10 milk ducts secreting milk.

The upper portion of torso is covered by breasts in women, overlaying the major pectoralis muscles usually starting from the collarbone to the sternum and the side portion extends till the axilia. The shape and size of the breasts is determined by breast tissue formation and superficial fascia, but having large or small breasts does not affect the milk production. However, sexual characteristics or psychological impact on women can be seen in those women with small breasts, as larger breasts are usually highly a desirable characteristics as well as secondary sex symbol.

During the initial puberty stages of breast development often lead to asymmetric breasts, which is a common condition which might return to normal as one grows up and hormonal levels stabilize. For supporting uneven bosoms and acquiring symmetry, a corrective bra is designed. The main aim of breast enhancement surgeries is devised to meet individualistic needs, including the breast reduction or breast enlargement or breast reconstruction surgeries. Breast having a bouncing appearance is due to the pectoralis major muscles attached to the base of either breast and the retro mammary space is a reference to the area between the breast and the pectoralis major.

Breast formation sometimes gets mounted too high or down and to correct this disorder is by a breast enhancement procedure. The Breast Enhancement surgery is developed with a deep understanding of breast anatomy. To improve the poorly developed breasts into curvy and fuller, there are three incision types, which one can be confident about.

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