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Being used to dreading aesthetic disproportions and from risks has never contributed for medical practitioners and surgeons to develop any surgical procedure in voluntary line. There is still risk, which is an obvious part of all surgeries including breast augmentation as well. However, with recent development and people’s involvement in seeking cosmetic surgery widely, surgeons are trying to overcome vital overcoming by being exposed to a large number of varied cases making them more experienced.

The first complication which can be associated with breast augmentation surgery , is the emotional status of applying candidate given the fact that candidacy depends largely on cause for you to opt for this surgery.

Breast implant surgery is considered to be a cosmetic procedure generally and it requires the body undergo a medical invasive procedure. Even if there is a low chance of complication, there can still be a number of breast implant complications which can occur.

One of the common complications with breast enlargement is pain that can rather be said is a side effect. During recovery period pain will occur as scar tissues build around implants and body heals. Due to surgical errors like wrong placement of implant , wrong size of implant or due to other breast augmentation complications pain can occur. You need to consult your surgeons immediately if pain is severe and persistent.

Many complications are associated with breast enlargement. Breast Implants are of two types , mainly one being saline filled or silicone filled where covering is not immune to leak or tear over time. One of the common complications of breast implants are ruptured implants. If one notices signs of change in contour of breast, it is due to saline or gel solution getting ruptured through implants leading to this deflation which starts to seep out into body. Patients would not realize anything is wrong until there is a marked difference in contour of breast, with implants leaking slowly overtime.

Most implants are prone to rupturing within few months as said by many researches. The main cause of implants rupturing is when the implants are under filled or over filled or roughly handled. It is unfortunate that with times these implant walls get ruptured and wear out naturally that can require replacement surgery.

One of the breast augmentation complications can be capsular constracture occuring right after the surgery when implants starts to squeeze out from the implants due to scar tissue formation around it. This usually occurs post surgery if there is inflammation or infection. It can manifest a feeling of general sensitivity, firmness and change in contour, mild to severe pain and tightness which can be corrected by immediate possible surgical replacement.

With breast enlargement infections are also common complications. This infection can lead to toxic shock syndrome or even capsular contraction which can be life threatening. Symptoms, which include nausea, diarrhea , dizziness and even fainting spells which can occur from this infection that can be revised by removing the implants with other severe treatment if antibiotics cannot control infection.

Breast enlargement complications occur due to either seratoma or hematoma, which is basically a collection of watery part of blood or blood and around a wound that can lead to a capsular contraction or infection requiring treatment as per necessity. There can be non threatening side effects like ultra sensitivity or cosmetic changes which is included breast augmentation complications as well.

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