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Breast Surgery

A woman’s breasts play a very important role in her feminity and confidence. Cosmetic breast surgery is a significant surgery opted by many to fulfill a number of aesthetic desires and needs or uplift inferiority or deficiencies in the shape or size including asymmetric, mastectomy and micromastia breasts to meet many criterion, procedures such as breast reconstruction, breast augmentation are devised.

At Perfect Breast Clinic, we are providing breast enhancement surgeries in the UK under an association of highly reputed surgeons and specialists, who will guide you throughout the whole consultation process with complete guidance and knowledge share about the surgery making it easier with tiny details to choose the best option for you. All the breast surgeries provide you with the ultimate purpose of being an elective surgery, that means you can choose your own devices, procedures and anesthetic options. We encourage our patients to have a realistic expectation and confidence about themselves. To know more, consult with our surgeons about the proper candidacy for your appropriate surgery.

Artificial breast implants made up of silicone or saline are mainly used in Breast Augmentation Surgery to fulfill the deficiency of the uneven breast contour and size of the breast. This surgery helps you to achieve symmetry and fuller appearance of the breast by using the implants made of a variety shapes and sizes to obtain the naturally attractive cleavage and bosom.

The main purpose of the Breast Reconstruction surgery is especially devised for women who have undergone lumpectomy or mastectomy surgery for treating breast cancer mainly or as a part of preventive breast cancer surgery, when there is a suspicion that one might be infected with cancer in the future. The mastectomy surgery is performed to eliminate either or both the breasts or is a part of the preventive surgery for cancer. The reconstruction surgery is usually performed immediately following it, or later to it wherein this procedure the breast mould is artificially rebuilt with skin flaps or implants to form a natural closest substitute for the removed the breasts. Sometimes nipple and areola are created by the surgeon.

Breast Reduction is opted by women with large breasts for easing and proportioning it to the body. At our clinic, the procedures are conducted by various ways of eliminating the excess skin or fat tissue to obtain a firm, tight and lighter breasts. Since the bigger weighty breasts sometimes do leads to pain and aches in shoulder, back and neck which interferes with day to day desk jobs, this surgery is best suited for women with enlarged breasts.

The procedure of Mommy Makeover is actually a combination of a number of procedures that helps you to get rid of all post pregnancy appearance of the body such as sagging breasts, stretch marks and loose abdominal area. This surgery is basically a combo of liposuction, breast enlargement, tummy tucks and body lift procedures that are performed to sustain a defined, firm and rejuvenated full body makeover.

Corrective surgery is for those patients with any sort of previously performed breast surgery leading to malformation. The surgeries performed at our clinic include correction of capsular contracture, correction of breast implant symmetry and surgery post breast reduction. We are not only limited to our past patients, but also open to help patients who have previously treated by any surgeon other than us. However, we strongly ask our clients to provide us with honest reviews of their past experience and documentation of past surgeries and medical history, especially if they have been treated by an unrecognized person.

Breast Uplift is a commonly performed surgery to normal sized breasts if they are sagging, droopiness, loose due to pregnancy and breast feeding, ageing or any such life events. The procedure involves breast reduction with nipple correction and breast enlargements with or without usage of implants. The main purpose of the surgery is to raise the breast fold to level up the breasts up to the chest proportion with firm and tight definition, to achieve a natural looking breast.

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